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Amelia Patterson

I have already been able to taste the tea that kindly sent me and I liked it very much. Note that it is of excellent quality (I like tea in large cup and just a pinch just for a large bowl of water). I followed the instructions of infusion time and the taste has seemed excellent. Nothing bitter, very aromatic and intense. At home we liked it very much.


Virginie and Arthur. Murray Family

We made the purchase of the PU-ERH MEDICINAL RED TE Tea and we were able to enjoy a great Red tea flower. A very fresh tea and a sweet taste. We did not make 3 infusions but 4 and still had a good taste. This Menghai lot is exceptional, with a smooth, rich surface, sweet and earthy taste. By the way the package is very original.
Surely I repeat!


Nikolas Simmons

My weight has always been a very important problem for my health. Now I feel much better, I have more energy and I do not want to eat between meals anymore. Wherever I go people who have seen me overweight ask me what I'm doing to lose so much weight. I tell you that I am drinking the Chinese tea YUNNAN MENGHAI CAKE 2014 Thinner!